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Ultimate Tank Trade Master Plan

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Saint Cy of JFC

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When it says "failed because consecutive years" just assume we are doing the trade on draft day with the team picking for us, then trading the player, not the pick.

Saint Cy of JFC

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Total Gained Assets:
8 first round picks
5 second round picks
Cam Reddish
Donte Divincenzo
PJ Washington
Richaun Holmes
Grayson Allen

Expiring Salary:
Russell Westbrook
Kemba Walker
Taj Gibson
Eric Bledsoe

Players Out:
Everyone you have loved for the last 5 years

Projected 2022-2023 Depth Chart (not including drafted players in 2022 draft)


Saint Cy of JFC

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You then rehab Russ's value. He somehow turns back the clock and goes hard as ****, convincing some team to trade for him mid-season.

Then Utah turns on the tank in the 2nd half of the season and finishes in the bottom 10.


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I like it overall, that team seems like they could compete for a top 4 pick.

I think we could get better assets for Mike, but maybe not.


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I would be shocked.

I think Royce is a solidly a two 2nd round picks guy.

But maybe there is somewhere better we could trade him to that could give us better 2nd round picks idk.

Yeah, probably. It always seems like there are some crazy deals at the deadline though. Teams wanting to make a push for the playoffs will often overpay.


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Ideally we would get some guys with more potential than what we are getting in these packages. The only guy that seems like a long term keeper is maybe Washington.