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Ultimate Tank Trade Master Plan

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We have:
-an ancient point guard that is literally one of the smallest players in the entire league on a pretty big contract
-a really good forward who most would label a stiff on an expiring contract
-a dude that will shoot you out of more games than games he really helps win.
-a “defensive specialist” who can’t stay with guards or fight through screens. And who is basically a 0 on offense.
-two dudes that are the only ones worth building around that dislike each other. One is on a super max contract and basically 30 and the other is a spoiled to **** snake that refuses to play defense.
-one of the only dudes in the league as old as the aforementioned ancient tiny PG
-a PG that can’t shoot and is scared to do anything besides play D and move the ball
-A guard that Quin won’t play
-basically no picks to grease deals

Improving this team - that has a totally broken locker room and a checked out coach - today would be an incredible achievement. This build was burned black at the end of the regular season, and now is burned to white ash. It shouldn’t be hard to find a team desperate enough to take on some of our pieces, but you usually need picks or young players to upgrade the vets you’re sending out.

Excellent post. Now hide that analysis from the opposition...

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If we tank we better hope we can retain what we get in the draft. If a tank blows up in our face we might be finding our franchise in another state in the next 5-10 years.

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Excellent post. Now hide that analysis from the opposition...
This reminded me of the Suns trade talks with Ayton coming up…

“Hey we don’t believe in paying centers and think this guy is a little flaky… buuuuuutttt…. We’d like to get a lot for him in trade so what ya got?”

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Utah should be one of the better insulated teams against fans leaving because of a tank. What the **** everyone in Utah going to do? Watch soccer?
I hope you're right. This franchise normally bounces back quick when rebuilding, but there's always that chance we become the next Detroit, Sacramento, or Orlando Magic.