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Archie Moses

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The Cosmic Ashtray. This was a pretty hard hike and there's no trail to follow. I've read online that 1 out of hiking groups end up finding it. I studied Google Earth the night before and didn't use a map or GPS and I found it fairly easy. It's around a 10 mile out-and-back hike. Gorgeous views the whole way and the Cosmic Ashtray is way bigger than you think. It's freaking huge.


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Archie Moses

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Upper Calf Creek Falls.

It's a lil under 2 miles round trip, but damn, that hike is straight down, then straight up on the way back. Super cool place though.

On the way back I grinded it out and didn't stop once on during the intense climb. I was sweating like I just played a basketball game when I got back to my truck.

Escalante is damn cool. Love it down there.





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I know this isn't really Utah but has anyone been to Great Basin National Park? I was surprised to see it just over the border into Nevada and it's just as far to get to as are the three central Utah parks. It looks like there aren't really a lot of places to stay around there unless you go farther into Nevada around Ely. Is this worth going to? Or is this a place that isn't any better than anywhere else but just has a designation of being a national park?

Archie Moses

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@Archie Moses your pictures are the best.

I hope to go to the cosmic ashtray someday.

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Escalante is probably my favorite place in Utah. So many cool places to see.

That hike was one I'll never forget and I hope you definitely do it.

It's a lil out there and the first and last mile sucks hiking in the sand, but damn it was awesome.

If you do make it down there, I recommend hiking to the Golden Cathedral. Egypt and Neon Canyon are amazing. There's a bunch of river crossing and it's a long and hard hike (at least for me) but gawd damn, that place/hike will leave you speechless.

I'm down to hiking with you anytime, my man.

I have lots of adventures planned for this year and can't wait to go.