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Utah Jazz Team building


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I heard there was a better team-building event somewhere circa 2006 at Jordan Commons.

Eddie Zero

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just realized Och and Udoka have some pretty similar backgrounds beyond KU. Agbaji Pops is also Nigerian born like Udoka and so the soccer and the grub alone should make them off court buds


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Udoka looks lean and ****ing massive at the same time.

He's the one player that I've heard Andy Larsen say has been having a really good off-season. Will he prove he's a NBA player this year?
I have always been a fan and have thought he has looked good the few times he got an opportunity to play.


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Was a little surprised to see Zeller in there (and was that Potter in there as well, 4:42-4:55)? For some reason I thought the RSL thing had been publicized before their acquisitions were.

And was that Morsell and Cockburn that I saw in some of this late 4-minute, early 5-minute soccer circle stuff? And who's the thick-legged guy two places to the right (in the camera view) from Juzang at 5:05? I thought it might be Johnson at first (as I had seen him earlier in the video, but it doesn't quite look like him in this shot).

@homeytennis please help me out!! :D