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Walker Kessler Hype & Appreciation Thread


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Yeah that's true, Gasol didn't come over to the NBA until he was 24. I love Kessler and am very high on him, he is scoring at a blistering 70+% inside right now. Giannis has proven that sometimes trying to develop weaker areas can not be worth it if he can further hone aspects you are elite at. I guess I just don't think Marc Gasol is the right comp for him, but if he can develop some of those areas that would be amazing.

FT% does seem to be a pretty indicator of shooting potential, and Kessler's 55% is pretty rough at this point. Gasol shot 73% as a rookie and got up into the 80%'s. But Kessler seems to have a good drive and work ethic. He proved in college that he has the willingness to shoot outside the paint and if he can keep working on that he can be exciting. Karl Malone shot 48% from the line his rookie season and got it up to almost 80% by the end of his career, and developed a nice rounded offense game to say the least, but comparing his progress to a top 20 player of all time is dangerous haha.
He hit some 3's in college though so I definitely think it's in the range of outcomes for him to become a decent shooter as he develops.

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Walker Kessler is our 2nd best player.
I would refer to Kessler as the 2nd best package or 2nd most important player but tbh I think Conley is such an important part of this team in setting up the court that I think I would still currently rate him above Kessler.

But damn does this Jazz have such a bright future with its young core! This really blows my mind considering that expectations for the team were all-time low and NOBODY expected this from Lauri and Walker.

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IMO there's nothing stopping Kessler from becoming a good FT shooter. But right now his technique is all over the place. He just kind of flings the ball toward the basket with no concentration. And there's way too many moving parts in his shooting motion.

I hope the coaches work with him on this stuff, as it's really important for a low post center like him to start hitting his free throws.