We need the DM max extension update ASAP


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After the Fox extension in Sacramento DM is making room in his driveway for the Brink's Truck.


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If there’s a player option, and that’s what’s holding it up, I’ll be quite upset. Tatum hasn’t signed his yet either, or BI, but it seems like Donovan’s should be signed at some point soon.


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We all know niang is coming back on a multi-year guaranteed deal. DL loves him for some reason. Quin seems to as well. I don't get it, but it is inevitable.


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Whatever contract Mitchell signs, he won't be finishing it in Utah. Let's be real here.
All depends on how much we support him on and off the court. Its glaringly obvious that he is our guy come playoff time. We need to make him our guy all the way. Let Don be the man.

If we build it around a big Rudy extension, we probably lose Don before long. Rudy, Favors, JC, Joe, and Bojan will all play through their primes with their current contracts.

If we don't make serious noise and Don isn't made the focus, he will want out. If he leaves in a couple years, we would be left with worse level of talent in our franchise's history.

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It’s clearly in Mitchell’s court. Does anyone think the Jazz didn’t immediately offer him the max? The longer this goes the more worried we all should be as it very likely could be Mitchell demanding a trade of either himself or Rudy.