What Became of Player Development?


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Forrest is showing real progress these last few games. Still not a scoring threat but he is a pretty smart player who plays within the system. I like what I'm seeing.
His little floater game looks pretty good, and of course a few nice drives and dunks, but I'm pretty sure the summer will be all about getting those threes to drop. They look pretty awful.


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Any GM and fanbase in this league would be elated with the draft picks of Mitchell and Gobert. That is far more than just doing their job. Same for the development of non drafted players.


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I saw a blurb on the interwebs about a couple of bigger players playing in Australia that might be of interest in the off season. John Mooney that played at Notre Dame is leading that league in rebounding, is shooting a crazy number from the three point line and averages about 17.6 ppg as Bryce Cotton's teammate. Billy Donovan knows about this guy as he and Billy D's son were best friends when Money was growing up. Also Jock Landale is having a pretty good year over there and has had JIngles lobby on his behalf to the front office. Both guys are playing on one year contracts there. I could see Mooney being the Jazz next Cooley.