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What should the Jazz do with the 28th Pick?

What is your preference for how the Jazz use their 28th pick?

  • Draft a player that has a chance to be in the rotation next year? (Lower upside/Lower Risk)

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • Draft a project who would spend time in the G-League/Overseas? (Higher upside/Higher Risk)

    Votes: 8 21.1%
  • Use it to trade up in this draft?

    Votes: 17 44.7%
  • Trade it for a future first (likely very heavily protected)?

    Votes: 4 10.5%
  • Trade it for multiple seconds?

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Other (Specify in Comments)?

    Votes: 3 7.9%

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I've seen lots of different ideas mentioned about how we should use our 28th pick. I think it's likely by the time we get to 28 you are looking at low upside guys, but could potentially crack an NBA rotation quickly, or higher upside guys that have a long ways to go and would likely play in the G-League for some time.

We could also potentially package the pick to move up in the draft or trade the pick for a future first (would likely be a very heavily protected future first) or more likely trade the pick for 2nds, either in this draft or future drafts.
They could do anything with the pick tbh, but I’m hoping they use it with a salary dump to move up into the top 20 range and grab another top prospect.

Ideally, I’d say a guy with wing size and high upside.

GG Jackson, Sidy Cissoko, Bobi Klintman, Leonard Miller, Dereck Lively, etc.
Won't lie. I am intrigued by Emoni Bates. He's had issues but seems to have learned a few life lessons along the way.
I think I would like to draft 2 guys that are more rotation ready and 1 guy that is more of a project out of this draft. So if we draft a project with 9 or 16, then I would prefer a potentially more rotation ready guy at 28. Since the guys I personally want at 9 and 16 are guys I think could play next year, I picked a project for 28.
I am all about drafting guys with the highest upside.

1. We are not in win now mode.

2. They are going to get minutes

3. We have a coach that wants to develop them

That being said, I think the 28th pick plus a small asset could get you a teens pick where there are more higher upside picks.
Best player available…. Don’t trade it unless you get real value… don’t break it into multiple seconds. Don’t force a certain type of prospect… just take the best player that’s on the board.
Unless we do a salary dump from another team where we can move up then we better keep that pick because there will be some very talented players sitting there. I keep seeing Sidy mocked at 28 or later and if that is the case then we better not pass on that kid.
I voted to trade for some seconds. I realized we rolled snake eyes with JWF, Brantley and Oni but perhaps there is a Max Struss in that group.
What makes zero sense is using all 3 first round picks. I am good with any other option depending upon what we get.
Depends on what happens at 9 and 16.

I like the idea of potentially taking on a contract while trading up from 28 (or 16) but it might not make much sense if they've already drafted their two guys.
BPA (leaning towards non projects) and ideally addresses a position/skillset that wasn't addressed by the first two picks and is a need/fit for the roster

So if you drafted Walker/Hood Schifino at 9/16, I might say get Julian Strawther at 28 so we could address some wing shooting.

GG/Whitehead/Klintman are the high upside guys I would swing on at 28 if they were there.
My personal favorites, not sure if they'll all be there at #28:

Jaquez - Sleeper upside player, needs to prove he can shoot it better
Clowney- Great physical tools for 4/5 combo, one of the best players in NCAA by some metrics despite being one of the youngest players in the class. Shooting potential adds high upside, but he can be an NBA player if he can't shoot
Bailey - Good connector PG with two way ability. Also needs to prove he can shoot it
Podz - Stat monster
Sidy - Weird combo of skills, I'm intrigued but I'm not sure it works out for him
Sasser - Another sleeper upside, can really shoot it
CJones - Really solid two way prospect

#28 has a low hit rate anyways so I won't feel too strongly about who we end up taking.
1st choice... combine #28 with 9 or 16 to move up a little
2nd choice... trade it for a protected first next year since we probably won't have a pick next year otherwise.