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Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

Where do you live?

  • In Utah

    Votes: 35 28.5%
  • In near proximity to Utah (broadcast area)

    Votes: 5 4.1%
  • Outside Utah but in the USA

    Votes: 54 43.9%
  • Outside the USA

    Votes: 29 23.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Wishing you success in your move to Puerto Rico. Sounds like a good plan and a great place to spend your retirement (definitely warmer than Canada)
Latin Jazz, thanks for the kind words. PR and Canada are both nice places, yet the beaches in Puerto Rico win easily. It will be relaxing and fun, and I’ll certainly continue rooting for the Jazz (and return to Utah every now and then to catch a game and see friends and family).
And, officially, the Turks spell the country name Türkiye. They want to disassociate the name of the country and the bird, with all its associated connotations.
Is this only an English thing, or is it similar in other languages?
Is this only an English thing, or is it similar in other languages?
The English language interpretation of the name "Turkey" is, I think, the focus of the country's efforts, but the official spelling of Türkiye applies for all languages that use the Latin alphabet.
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Speaking as a northerner, I don’t know that anyone believes this, especially as you can’t really (easily?) even access Arizona from the area, except Littlefield, and I don’t even think Littlefield can access anywhere else in Arizona without leaving Arizona.

I actually thought about this recently and considered how interesting it is, for instance, that England is smaller than Utah. If I were to hear a national news story coming out of St. George, I’d consider that as kinda like an extension of my home, whereas England is an entire country and I wouldn’t imagine people in different parts of England would have that same feeling. I would imagine a lot of northerners would likely feel the same way I do.

England is not smaller than Utah. Utah is 84,000+ square miles while England is 94,000+ sm.

I’m also fun at parties.
Born slc, grew up stg. Currently residing in Las Vegas
No longer attend parties

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The UK is 94k square miles. England is around 50k.

I don’t attend parties.
Deseret is 490,000 sq. miles.

As a Jazz fan, I reside in the towns of Joy or Despair. This last season my home in Joy gathered lots of dust. I saw a lot of you in town.
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Melbourne Australia Previously multiple winner of the Most Liveable City in the World.

40 km away from Rubashov but i can still smell his atrocious BO wafting over the leafy eastern suburbs
Grew up in Payson and have lived in Utah County my whole life.
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Currently live in Bend, Oregon. Born and raised in Salt Lake, graduated Westminster. Started attending Jazz games around ‘84 as a kid and truly became a fan a few years later. Left Utah to attend grad school in Portland, OR and then moved to Lake Tahoe for a decade then to Bend. Still have family in Salt Lake so visit often and usually get one or two Jazz games in a year in Salt Lake or when they come to Portland.