Where does Favors rank among PFs/Cs in terms of defense?


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Conssider both team defense, and post defense. Where does he rank? Poll might be added later.
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I don't think we should define Favors as either as a C or a PF, he can be good at playing both.

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Derrick Favors is a top 5 bigman defender in the league! He has really gained confidence in his defensive ability, and he has been controlling games on the defensive end the last two in particular.

At 21.3 mins./game, he has 2.3 blocks, .7 steals, and 7.7 rebounds. That works out to be 3.9, 1.2, and 12.6 /36. /48, he is top six on blocks (5.15), and on rebounds, top 7 (16.75). But he should actually be higher than this because some of the stats are skewed with lower-minute players. His speed and agility allow him to play superb P&R D. He needs to learn how to stay closer to stretch 4's, but other than that he is top-notch. He needs time, and his offense is getting better and better. He has shown a soft touch on quite a few of his misses lately.


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I really like to watch Favors play. Blocks have always been my favorite play in basketball and he brings that **** in spades.