Williams finds Jebus, Jefferson pleased


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**** man. Great article. Glad to see Williams is a steady individual. I see great things coming from these two guys this season...great things.


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I love it when somebody is described as having "found" Jesus, as if Jesus was hiding behind the couch or something.

All joking aside, this article should have all Jazz fans on cloud 9. For whatever KOC has done wrong while the GM of the Jazz, he's done 2 things in my opinion that will forever put him in the "untouchable" category:

#1- Made the draft-day deal to move up and assure that Utah would get D-Will.

#2- Pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got the Bulls (who had no reason to do so) send us back a trade exception for Booz, thus allowing us to land Jefferson.

Make no mistake, the competitive and personal relationship that is budding between D-Will and Jefferson will probably be biggest reason that keeps D-Will in Utah long term. KOC has made his fair share of mistakes, but when the stakes are at their highest, and this orginization is at one of those crossroads type of decisions, the dude is simply clutch.

The article gave me chills.


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Here is the back story and a photo of Deron as he was placed into the water to be baptised. I believe Korver had a hand in his decision. Also his best friend Matt Mitnick is there as well and his wife Amy.

The bottom of that blog:

"I am pleading with you Jazz fans, "We must back Boozer, he is our ticket to the championship." :rolleyes:

I'm sure Korver had a lot to do with DWill's baptism.


I'm sure Korver had a lot to do with DWill's baptism.

Like I said in a prior post, Deron seems to form close bonds with the people around him, unless they give him reason not to, like Boozer. He also seems willing to listen to, and consider, other viewpoints, which is one reason why he is so "coachable." Deron won't leave Utah because it "might be better" elsewhere. He would only leave if he thoughts things here were irretrieviaby hopeless. Even then, he wouldn't wanna leave his friends. He's a loyal kinda guy, like Stockton.

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Man, I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping Deron would be on my ward ball team, but he was baptised into a different faith.

Seriously, I'm happy for him and his family. A wife and kids at home and you'd see/read about him out partying with teammates. Glad he's put that behind him.

I love what I'm hearing about him and Big Al becoming such good friends. Can you imagine what that Mavs team will look like in 3 years, with Dirk and Jefferson at the 4/5 and Williams feeding them the ball. Definitely going to challenge the Lakers and Heat.

(That was a joke, people!!!)

Seriously, Jefferson seems really happy in Utah - loves the fans and the city - and I think he's sincere. Deron says the team got tougher and better defensively. I think Williams was pretty unhappy with KOC and Greg at the deadline and after Boozer and Korver left. But I'll bet he's more than o.k. now with the changes. All this bodes well for our chances of keeping him in Utah, if KOC and Greg continue to improve the team.


Seriously, Jefferson seems really happy in Utah - loves the fans and the city - and I think he's sincere.

I agree, Glass. Deron too, for that matter:


I'm glad that Deron actually seems to believe that Jazzfanz supports the team "through thick and thin," eh? Good thang he don't hang round this here joint.
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