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Ya think these two miss each other yet?


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1 playoff game won each -- this spring. Two last year together.
Turns out Jarrett Allen isn't a younger, offensively-better Gobert. And the gap between Mitchell and D-Lo and even Edward's is pretty large. Who knew?
Gobert I understand. They had injuries and played a great team.

This Cleveland loss is abysmal.
Yeah, I am buying the Knicks hype more than I was but I still just don't see the juggernaut of the Julius Randle-led Knicks. And at least Minnesota battled in a lost cause.
Mitchell and Gobert losing in the way they did bodes very well for our picks in the next 5 years.

Both teams don't have a ton of wiggle space as of now.

To quote the Neature walk guy...

"That's pretty Neat!"