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Your top3 reasons we will have a better outcome than last year

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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There is no way we have a better outcome then last year, how could we? The super sleek minivan is gone

All kidding aside, my top three….

1. We have Butler to spell both Mitchell and Conley to keep them healthy for playoffs. This alone kept us from going further.

2. More consistent defense when Gobert sits with Whiteside. Love faves, but he had nothing left to give last year.

3. Combating small lineups should improve


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1. Bucks proved that you can go through years of dissapointment(wasnt Budenholzer in a hot seat for a while) but those experiences can make you better both as coach and players.

2. I'm not convinced about other teams in the west, like how are Westbrook and the Lakers going to work. Clippers are going to be missing Kawhi, can PG carry them? Suns are probably the biggest threat but CP3 aint getting younger.

3. Jared Butler can be a dynamic player that makes it possible for us to move other guys.


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Idk. I’m not really excited for the season at all. Not sure why. I was last year and we met my expectations. Exceeded them even. I’m just not sure we can replicate that. We’re certainly better on paper but I think we were very fortunate in season with injuries last season. I’d guess we regress to the mean in that regard and Mike and another big contributor go down for a while. And if that doesn’t happen, and we are healthy, I just don’t have much hope that we will figure out a way to stop teams on defense when it matters despite having the 3x DPOY. I’ve seen that movie too many times to believe there’s going to be a new ending. And frankly, this just really feels like the Lakers year to me. **** those scumbags.
This, mostly.

I think we have a good shot at the top seed again. I think we see Mitchell take another, albeit smaller, step forward. I think we definitely upgraded our bench, significantly even. We can field nearly a legit starting 5 for a fringe play-in team off our bench. That is a big upgrade.

We still did not really address our single biggest weakness, and I am at a loss as to why the FO thinks this isn't a thing. We have all said perimeter D so much it has nearly lost all meaning, but it is still the one thing that will kill us. I do not believe we did anything substantial enough to mitigate what the clippers did to us in the playoffs, unless Butler is the Terrance Mann stopper. Which is ridiculous on it's face that this is even a thing to say. We are not any better against a 5-out offense than we were before realistically, especially with slashers like Kawhi and George, for example. We might be able to get Gay to play small-ball 5, but he is no rim protector, and with that setup the clipper's would swarm us again, just like they did. We need someone who can at least bother these guys on the perimeter enough that Gobert can do Gobert things, and not be expected to be everywhere all at once or get reamed for not covering for everyone else COMPLETELY sucking.

So I think we will see just as good regular season success this season, and I am excited to see what the bench can bring. But unless Donovan and Conley suddenly became better at staying with guys every bit as athletic as they are, and 5-7 inches taller, on the perimeter, we will likely see another early playoff exit. Or unless Butler can be that guy to help give us 2 defensive anchors, in tandem with Gobert. If we had one single solid big defensive wing + Gobert then the other paying mediocre defense would be sufficient. As it is, 1 fantastic defender cannot make up for 4 meh to meh-minus defenders at the same time. And that is still what we are fielding unless something like this changes suddenly this season, and I just don't see that happening. Donovan will take a step forward offensively, but likely a step sideways defensively. Hope it is enough.

Flabbergasted why something wasn't done about this. Just don't get it.

But I am still excited for the season. We will at least win a lot of games, my bet is flirting with 60 wins even. 58 maybe? Just enough for 1st or 2nd seed even. That will be fun and I intend to enjoy every bit of it while it lasts.


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1. JB juking Middleton for the easy layup.
2. JB freezing Giannis and draining the three in his face.
3. JB playing through 7 ft. Lopez contact for the score.

Those highlights are crazy for a rookie. He made it all look easy. I too think Butler is all three of the top reasons we'll have a better outcome. He looks as comfortable as a 10-year vet. Derek Harper said his play compares to Isiah Thomas, some high praise for a rookie.

"Butler said that while there were going to be adjustments across the board that he would have to make, he was confident that it wouldn’t take him much time and promised that he was willing to put in the work.

“It just depends on the type of person you are,” Butler said. “Can you handle criticism? Can you hear what he’s saying and then actually visualize it and then replicate it on the court. I’m a fairly fast learner and when Donovan tells me something, I’m like, ‘Alright bet.’ If it works for him it can work for me.”

In his short time with the Jazz, Butler has already proven to be someone who is ready to take on all the advice and wisdom available to him, and his curiosity is going to help him on his path to improvement.

“He reminds me a lot of myself. Just wanting to attack all the time.” — Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell on Jared Butler

-From Deseret News

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