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2023 NBA Draft Megathread

Elizah Huge

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I’m super stoked for this Arkansas/Kansas game coming up. Black/Dick both have good chances of going top-10. NSJ has been extremely disappointing let’s see what can do today.

Saint Cy of JFC

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Lively is such a project on offense high bust potential there.
Dont think there is much bust potential. He's going to be a good defensive player. He will be in the NBA for a while. I wouldnt draft him in the lottery, but if you need a defensive big you can take him anywhere after that. Maybe he improves his offense in the NBA, but the natural feel for scoring definitely isnt there.

Saint Cy of JFC

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dominate the NBA? wtf you smoking? I said early 2nd round. meaning he has a shot at making a roster and maybe be a career back up. You dumb as F
You said 2nd round steal as in he is making an impact in the NBA, not just making a roster. Doubt dude can earn a 10-day contract after his 2nd year in the G-League.

Handlogten's Heros

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This game definitely didnt boost him for me, but it didnt really dissuade me either. Dude is tough. Duke's spacing was in the gutter today.
He’s going to get cooked in space… guys were completely unbothered by him. If he doesn’t shoot it really well he won’t be an nba player… and he hasn’t shown the ability to shoot it. He’s a late first guy…