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2023 NBA Draft Megathread


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I understand the weaknesses that he'll have to overcome to make it as a rotation player at the NBA level, but man, I would love to take a chance on Jaime Jaquez. He just does so much so well, plays the game the right way, completely selflessly, and competes so hard.
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Amari Bailey was terrific again last night on both ends. However, he’s definitely a record scratch guy on offense sometimes. He needs to get better and more confident in his catch and shoot jumper. There were times were he could have been more aggressive as a scorer as well.

But his defense was terrific. Put one Northwestern’s PG in jail and was also active off the ball. In transition he’s fantastic as a passer and scorer. His passing was seriously great last night. Made tough entry passes in to Jacquez look easy. He would be amazing at getting the ball to Lauri in similar situations.

Jacquez was really great last night. I recommend everyone watch his dunk to understand his athleticism. He won’t win any dunk contests, but he can effortlessly jump off of one foot and make athletic finishes through traffic. His off ball defense is great, very active. On the ball he had a tough time with quickness so that’s something to watch. I’m not sure the iso scoring will translate, but he’s pretty darn good. Most important thing for him is to make his catch and shoot 3’s at the next level.