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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

Collier just skyrocketed up my board.

Rough 2nd half. But he is an alpha. Once he shakes the rust and learns the college game he could be an All-American.
i watched the entire first half and he absolutely dominated - i didn't watch the second half, but it looked like he hardly played and only took one shot. i actually wondered if he got hurt. anyway, i've been saying he's a potential #1 overall and that didn't change based on what i saw last night.
Cy: Taylor beat up on inferior competition... he sucks.

Also Cy when a guy he likes lights up Dartmouth: Leagues better than Taylor.

why you hate some of our guys so much? You can say nice stuff about your guys without dumping on the guys we already got.
Venting about how much the Hendricks pick sucked.
Haven't really watched much of any of these guys. I think I'll end up liking Collier. He doesn't seem explosive as a leaper or super quick but looks strong like bull and super coordinated.

I think there are 5-6 guys I can like in this draft but definitely gonna be a step down from last year.
Also... just saw Grant Nelson's numbers yesterday. I am 1000% going to fall for him... it is happening (might be good or bad).