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And here it is...and it's craptacular.

The Fresh Prince

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Ryan Smith just became the most hated man in Utah. Bet he gets booed every time his face comes up on the jumbotron next year. He may have really ****ed this team up for good. Nobody is going to want to play in these.

Jazz Traveler

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Is it bad that I think whoever thought the yellow, black and white jerseys were a good choice, should have to sit at half court wearing a dunce hat and be pelted with rotten fruit before every game? And continue for as long as we have to endure these jerseys. Furthermore, whoever thought these jerseys were good should have no say going forward, their taste is atrocious and they should not get a vote.

Jazz Traveler

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I imagine they will offered at a steep discount. Not even sure if they could give the yellow, black or white jerseys away for free on a street corner. People would hand them back. They’re that bad.


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Well I got the email. And it's as bad as we thought.

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