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Black or Wallace?

Which point guard would rather have with the 9th pick?

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I think I’ve decided to fully jump on the Cason bandwagon… I voted for him here but Rafael Barlow’s (who I’m mixed on but dude has done as much work as anyone) referenced him as the Kawhi of PGs and I kind of get it. Shoots 59% in the midrange… FT and 3p also lean his way as a shooter… and just a steady tough defender. Between the Kentucky guard thing and just how effing solid he is and meets such a great need… we need to draft the **** outta this guy… whether it’s at 9 or trading up from 16.

Only concern on his is ongoing injuries, which I don't even know if that's a real thing or not.
That shot looks.......... broken

There was another video I posted a few days ago in the draft thread, and it said he's working with Steph Curry's trainer. It showed him shooting in an empty gym and the shot looked a little better...looked like he's tweaked his form a bit. Hard to say if it will translate to actual games.
Neither for crying out loud lol
take Keonte at 16 if you want a damn project guard. He is far more likely to be the next better in the nba type than these overrated clowns.
I have Keonte sliding from early projections some due to innefficiency and need to be better a lot better defensively. But I think he has just as good of a chance of haveing a better career than both Black and Wallace who for whatever reason remain alive as options for this fanbase, Why I have no idea, neither is a good enough playmaker to make up for their lack of shooting