Can we talk about Donovan?

Jack Strop

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Been saying for awhile that the future of the Jazz is Donovan at PG with a big 3&D SG. Can Royce be that player? Not sure.


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I'm just going to say it: We don't need Conley and we never did.

The Jazz are going to have to work out a bunch of **** when he comes back and it's fine. I hope he's ready to play the first 5 minutes before being pulled then replacing Donovan and playing with the bench unit.

In any case, I have said for years and will continue to say that Mitchell's best position for success is as a PG (or at least the shortest Jazz player on the floor).


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He's finally finding his position as being a true leader. He seemed to be struggling with that at the beginning of the year but as of late he has taken the bull by the horn and team is has responded.


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So glad that he's playing this way. Had a few not so good run of games (not so good, not really a bad one) after a start of the year showing key habilities improvements (as better efficiency on his shots, less forced shots, refined midrange, better playmaking, better defense, etc), but now with us getting back on track, he's showing a new level of dominating the games down the stretch into the end of close games, the type you expect from the great guys we played on some of these games. And that's exciting not only cause Mitchell play is a thing of joy, but because he upping it to this level is a huuuuge part of any expectations for bigger playoff runs for us.


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Where is don on the list right now (not potential)

top 5

Next tier
Paul George

I don’t watch enough non jazz to list or rank all next tiers but my jazz colored glasses puts spida in “next 5” behind top 5 dudes What say ye?