Can we talk about Donovan?


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I originally put “etc” indicating For others to put players in as they saw it. I left Embid off the list too.

so rather than add commentary about me and the sadness, simply write your list. Where does Mitchell fit on your list?

I would take donavan over Rudy if I had to pick one.


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With every game it becomes more apparent that we may not want to take the ball out of Donovan's hands. He is becoming more patient. Let's see where this ends up.

14-21 last night and 6 AST with only 2 TO.

Imagine Conley gelling with the bench. We'd be scary. Hell, maybe as Numb said it forces him to opt out. I like Conley but at this point we have other needs.


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The sad truth is that even jazzfanz don’t truly recognize or appreciate how good Gobert really is when he is left off a list such as this by a jazzfan. He’s by far the best player on this team. It’s not even close

Most important I would say. Best player in a offensive minded league? I have to go with Donovan. We need scoring in this league and scoring isn’t What Gobert provides. But he’s by far the most important on this team.


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How spoiled are we? Donovan can put up 25 points and we yawn, and he's not even trying to score until the 2nd qtr a lot of nights
some of the shots he has made this season are incredible- MVP-like i said MVP MVP!
and he's been playing with the bench lineups. IMO he could put up harden numbers if that were the goal.