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Collin Sexton Efficiency


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Btw at least one of the heated conversations between Hardy and Sexton (in the Sixers game) was apparently more about scolding than coaching him. Sometimes the difference between the two is vague though.. but Hardy didnt initiate that discussion. Sexton asked why he was subbed so early.

One guy made a lip read video that seems pretty accurate

View: https://youtu.be/Xe34rFzLQJA

What a terrible breakdown of what happened on those defensive plays. First he wants to rip Jackson for going under on a screen with a mediocre 3pt shooter in Jackson. Then he rips him for going over on a screen with Jackson and wants blame him for the layup when there were literally 4 other jazz men sitting there in the paint.


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Colin have great quality, speed able to create his own offense. A younger JC. The issue is that every good team have a play maker. Not necessary the PG ( Cf Denver) but all good team have a guy passing the ball well.