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Game Thread Dec 09, 2021 05:00PM MT: Jazz at 76ers

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The sixers announcers were funny. Early in the game they were giving credence to the Rudy slander from the minnesota guys last night. Then they were talking about best center in the nba and were like obviously we would take jokic and embiid over gobert (like he doesn't belong in the convo) then said that Bam is better than gobert as well.

As the game went on they started talking about gobert like he is the best player in the entire nba.

If you only watch highlights and check box scores then you just dont understand. Watch gobert play and focus on his effect on the game and you realize that he is one of the top 5 or 10 players in the nba and probably should be in the mvp conversations. He is that good.
I didn't think Gobert's was saying he was the best center. He said when you're the best at something and that something in this context was him replying to his defense, so I took it as he said he was the best at defense.

But 76'ers fans and broadcast seem to look for excuses to either be butt hurt and/or use that to pump up their guy by disrespecting the other, especially when it's the Jazz.

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