Dwyane Wade Deserves To Be Banned From Stadium


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Could also be for Miami Hurricanes football team, or the Cincinnati Bengals, or the Broadstreet Bullies Philadelphia Flyers...

Oh, but Gameface cheers for that criminal/thuggish behavior. He has a poster of Vontaze Burfict on his wall.
Now I really think this is CarolinaJazz.


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I’d love to hear why y’all entertain this clown and the deuces he drops. This could be an interesting day in jazzfanz..... but instead the traffic is all diverted into these stupid dumps.


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Are you serious?

Morris, Beverley, Cousins (who actually waited outside an arena in order to beat up an announcer), Rondo (who called homosexual ref Bill Kennedy a "f****ing fa**ot") have all displayed criminal, thuggish behavior.

I see you are one of those people who are triggered by words. If you don't like the word criminal...why not just dislike the criminal himself? No, you are offended by the word, not the actual criminal. If you don't like the word thug....go rent the classic movie GUNGA DIN. It is from that film in which I first heard the word thug (thugee) and the term applies to those jerks I mentioned on the Clippers.

Do you like Morris's behavior? Is that what you tune in to the NBA for? Do you want your child to grow up to display the "sportsmanship" that Pat Beverley displays? Did you cheer when Rondo called a homosexual a "f****ing f****t"? I bet you did.

You, Gameface, have gone down all pegs -- heck, you are off the peg board itself -- because you enjoy a man (Rondo) calling a homosexual man a "f***ing f****t." Is it any wonder that the Utah arena is always in the news for racist, bigotted fans? I look forward to the news story in which you get thrown out for using homosexual slurs at homosexuals.
Damn, for a troll you got triggered easy AF.

Real talk here. If my criticism of your use of the word "thug" hit a nerve I'm sorry to an extent. But that doesn't mean at all that I take it back. As stated, you used the word in a way consistent with the coded meaning and inconsistent with the literal meaning. If you have a reasonable explanation for that discrepancy I'll take back what I said. If not, well, then I don't find your schtick funny anymore. I'm not cool with low key racist dog whistles. "Thug" is a loaded term directed at black people in ways and in situations that it is never directed at white people. "Thug" is little more than the new "N" word when used as you used it.

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Jazz fan? Huh? Believe me, if my Knicks met the Jazz in the Finals I would be bombarding Commissioner Adam Silver with well argued e-mails demanding that he order Donovan Mitchell to play for the Knicks because Mitchell was born in New York. I would also demand that Silver ban Gobert, Conley, Clarkson, and Ingles from the Finals because they aren't from Utah. I would do everything in my power to make sure the Knicks win that championship.
Well, I'm wondering if your old friend Adam Silver has already marked your e-mails as spam ...


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MTJK is obviously an alt (well, at least not a genuine person, maybe they don’t post here under a genuine handle), but CJ is definitely a real person.

I’ve thought recently, though, that most our alts currently are people who only function as alts and I don’t think any of them are regulars.
So when your main creates an alt and you assume the identity of your alt does your main become your alt? Is this what Inception was all about?