Game Thread Feb 12, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bucks

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Wes Mantooth

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I this is a good opportunity for us to see how well we can do ish without Mike. See how well certain guys step up, pick each other up, etc. Sort of as a challenge.


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Gonna be a Niangphoon game... every time I'm ready to give up on him he has a good game. I'm ready to go a different direction which means he's due.

I'm ready now. I'd like to see what Brantley could do with those minutes... He is well liked though. Don't want to ruin good chemistry.


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This game may depend on how Favors looks. Last match-up we used him against certain line-ups but if he looks as hobbled as he did last game, it would not work. It's not a necessity though, if we come out and make our 3s that gives us a huge margin for error.


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Y'all keep talking about the game tomorrow, but isn't the second Bucks game on Sunday?