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Fire Snyder!!!


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He won't get the most out of this roster. I really wanted him to be the guy but he is not.

I think a first round exit gets him fired, but we might just sneak into the second round.
This is Utah. Almost nothing will get him fired. It's not the Utah way.

Release the Kraken

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Utah fans are either too polite or too preoccupied posting their night out on social media to ever chant “Fire Snyder”. Even if we had a losing record, never happen!
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He won't get the most out of this roster. I really wanted him to be the guy but he is not.

I think a first round exit gets him fired, but we might just sneak into the second round.
I think there’s a good chance Snyder will be coaching for his job in the playoffs this season. Barring major injury the Jazz will accumulate one of the best WC records and another playoff same-o might be enough for Ryan Smith. He’s already shown signs of shaking things up so I guess we’ll see.

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People have the right to their own opinions. No matter how stupid they may be.

Snyder is not perfect, every coach has their flaws. E V E RY coach. Go to any other team and you will see fans complaining about something.

Snyder is widely regarded as one of the top coaches, every year.

People complain about his defense, yet Jazz rank consistently near the top defensive teams.

People complain about his offense, yet again last 3yrs near the top ranked offense (even this year).

By all accounts players love to play for him, so he has not lost the locker room and not eve close.

Even in this thread people complain about him not adjusting but really it's not doing what they want. The HOU playoff series he did adjust his defense and numbers prove it worked but the Jazz lost so fans say it didn't. When really it was the offense that didn't have it's starting PG (Rubio) and that was lead by a 2nd year player in Mitchell who didn't have the shooters he has now or experience. By all account that team over achieved IMO.

Again Snyder is not perfect not even close, he has flaws but he is better than he is bad and he is also a top 10 coach in the league and in my opinion he is a top 5 coach. The biggest legitimate gripe is not getting past the 2nd round, no disputing that fact are facts but IMO that is not reason to fire him (yet).
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I'm not completely against firing Snyder. I think he's become too much of a players' coach offensively just letting guys hero ball too much. Obviously it's a delicate balance of reigning your talent in and letting them free flow, but I think Quin is a bit too much on the latter end (with certain players).

And as I type that ******** I remind myself Utah is far and away the #1 ranked offense this year despite sub-optimal shooting from many players.

I just wish Utah's talent was overall better at passing. Not just selflessness, but actual technical passing accuracy. The Jazz and Warriors are #1/#2 in offense, but the latter is #1 in assisted buckets by a huge margin. Utah is 2nd to last in assisted buckets. I don't love the style of basketball Utah is playing. I find it hard to be a fan of the team aesthetically with the way Mitchell/Clarkson play at their worst.

Just imagine how crazy' Utah's offense would be if they hit Gobert accurately when he flashes open instead of 1-2 seconds late and with a bad pass. We saw glimpses of that vs Memphis. Hell even at one point Jordan Clarkson held the ball for a solid 1.5-2 seconds while Gobert begged for the ball wide open under the rim, he got it to him late, but the D was so bad it didnt even matter. Just imagine what they could do if those passes were automatic instead of constantly delayed. I think Utah's offense could take big advantage of swinging to the corner then hitting Gobert once the ball gets to the corner. Teams are sitting on that corner 3 now and Gobert is usually open when the ball reverses to the corner, but for some reason the pass is never made.