Following Potential 2021 Draftees


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Keith Appling, who's 29 now n was discussed in these threads years ago, is wanted for murder. It appears he killed an old man..


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I'm all in on Roko Prkacin

I think he likely goes before 30, but fingers crossed.
I like what I've seen, compared to many of the other possibilities I've (only very briefly) looked at.

My way to early dream: somehow walking away with both Prkacin and Chris Smith (who Tony Jones is still unusually high on) as an UDFA. But I wouldn't be surprised if Prkacin goes before 30 and if Smith decides to go back to school in hopes of getting back in the draft mix.

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Trey Murphy is a guy I'm seeing in the Jazz's range. I think he's being underrated. Looks like a top 20 guy to me. If he fell to the Jazz I'd be happy.

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What do we need guys, big wing defender or a secondary ball handler?
Hard to say what they should do this draft. Swing for the fences or try to get a safe pick (think Duarte even though he might be out of the Jazz's range).

The need for a ball-handler seems pretty huge though. Even if Conley comes back, you got to think he will be a lower MPG type player to conserve his health.

Max Abmas might be a good name for Utah. I know people here are overly obsessed with pairing a big guard next to Mitchell, but the guy can shoot and penetrate. Think Trae Young without the elite playmaking.


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A guy I like that is likely gone is Jared Butler out of Baylor... I didn't watch much college basketball this season so my sample size is skewed a bit.

He's a guy I can see DL loving... fits a need and played at Baylor. He's not the sexiest player but I have a hard time believing the guy won't be a rotation player in the league... I could see him becoming a solid starting combo guard type.