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How Much $$$ Should Jazz Throw at Austin Reaves?


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There's been reports that Jeanie Buss absolutely loves Reaves and refused to include him in any deals at the trade deadline.


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Remember when Saint said the Jazz was racist because they signed like 55% of players with white skin this year? Yeah, I do.


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Humans use stereotypes. That is shocking news. Is snow cold too? Can't believe it.
Saint Cy of JFC said:
The funny thing about white players in the NBA is that until they become stars white people will project every stereotype onto white players possible.
It's not only about the stereotype, it's the irony that white guys are bagging on white guys. it's like a blonde saying blond jokes, or even worse, a polish guy doing polish jokes. have some pride my dudes, and also in a weird way, stereotyping white guys indirectly stereotypes black guys saying that they are only good for brainless athletic things. racism is racism regardless of who is being focused on.