I know it's not my place to ask...

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but, Jason, pleeeeease consider allowing Gyp and Cy back in.

They'll be good, promise.

I'm serious... I would love to have the band back together and in speaking to them both all the time they're good people and I miss them on here.

C'mon and consider it.. k?


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You mean they're both not already here? I swear Gyp/TtT/Wes/... has 10% of the handles on this board already.

Once they hit ~6 months from the ban date (without any ALTS created), they can ask to be reinstated. TtT might be close, I'll have to look if he created alts though...

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Cy should definitely be looked at more closely to be re-instated. Board aint the same without him.

DGAF bout Gyp.

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He asked to be deactivated.
For real?

Honestly TBS, not a bad idea if you're looking to start fresh with a new acct. From my perspective you've changed quite a bit recently and I like the kinder, gentler more humorous you that I've been seeing.


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I'd support both coming back (especially Cy), but if Trout had to wait 6 months can't see why anyone else shouldn't.

Hell even HH was allowed back after 6 months, but if that suggestion is raised again there will be objections from me at least.

On another note this "please ban my account" thing makes no sense to me. It's not like posting here is mandated by law or something, though that would explain a lot in PKM's case.