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Is THT a Longterm Piece?

Is THT a longterm piece?

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  • No

    Votes: 36 45.6%

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I feel like with THT, Dunn and even Sexton currently on the roster, it allows the Jazz some flexibility in how they approach filling the PG spot.

If they want to throw an offer at Austin Reaves, they don’t have to worry about losing out if the Lakers match.

They also don’t have to reach for a PG in the draft, and could in fact not pick any guards and still be okay.

They don’t have to overpay in a trade or in free agency either.

Is it ideal? No, of course not. But I think they’d still hold things down well enough that they’d make the playoffs next year even if they don’t find a PG they want to invest in right now.
I'd be a little nervous about going much above his current number, but he could definitely continue to get better. Doesn't take a ton of shooting improvement to open up his drive game even more.
With what I’ve seen from him recently, the Pat Bev for THT trade rivals the Gobert trade in the sucker punch department! I honestly have to question how Sexton gets his starting job back.

How Connelly and Pelinka get to sleep at night is beyond me!
TBD. I think he opts in and the jazz want to continue to see how he progresses next season. He does seem to fit well on the team and teammates like playing with a guy that is willing passer. He's still pretty young, younger than Ochai, despite how he looks. I want to see how he continues to develop. There are intriguing parts of his game, you just want to see the positives outweigh the negatives consistently.