Jazz to release Shaq Harrison


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Chances are, someone who can help the team will get waived prior to the deadline.

I'm wondering what the front office deems the greatest need at the moment.


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I think this is a signal that the Jazz are going to re-sign Conley more than anything else. Shaq was Oni insurance and Oni passed the test.


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I would be ok with Cousins if they go that route. Adds another dimension to the team. Cousins and Gobert on the floor together would be something to behold, even if Cousins is only 50% of his peak, which I believe he will be in limited minutes, or better.


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A shame, but it makes sense. If I remember correctly, Shaq, Oni, and Morgan might have had a contract guarantee deadline coming up. So the main motivation is probably the tax.


My guess is that this was the day that his contract became fully guaranteed which also coincides with when teams can sign 10 day contracts. Hopefully the front office realizes that we need another big wing as well as a 3rd string center with Udoka likely done for the season.