Jazz vs Nets 5:30 mst.


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This would be a great win. It would put us at 28-12 over the first 40 games (.700) and give us the 2-seed for now. The Pels game could be tough on Thurs, depending on who they have back in their line-up along with Zion making his debut.
ZION sucks ***

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The way Donovan often switches jerseys almost every night. Has that been done before?
I don't like this one bit. Way too buddy buddy. Don needs to channel his inner MJ. Take no prisoners night to night. Great win for the jazz though. How we integrate Conley with the impending midget backcourt continues to worry me. The chemistry of the 1st and 2nd units are gelling. Onto the next one.

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Bawse Dawg

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Pretty much every major flaw we had as a team the first couple months is gone.

Awful shots
Rebounding (kinda)