Jazz vs Nets 5:30 mst.


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Clarkson has won all 10 games he's played with the Jazz after only winning 8 games in the 29 games he played with the Cavs this season. He must be so stoked to be here.
wish he gives us a discount... man, i'd eat crows and say i want him resigned so bad...


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remember when quin asked rubio to go full attack mode and shoot the ball at every opportunity he's got, which resulted in his best scoring season in his career(even though it was still bad) and his worst playmaking season.

maybe all quin ever wanted in his backcourt is some assassins like JC. assists are nice. scoring is better.
Might blow your mind here, but behind every assist is some scoring.


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No longer discussing the Rubio trade fiasco, because the Jazz are winning and winning big. However, they don't average nearly the amount of assists we had with Rubio controling the point, but were shooting much better from outside. Probably would have been the case had we kept Rubio as our point guard. But 10 wins in a row and 15 out of 16 is nothing to sneeze at!


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Just finished watching, man it got rough in the last couple of minutes. Refs letting them play. I like it! Nobody is out toughing Rudy


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Dinwiddie 7/17
Levert 5/13
Prince 3/9
Harris 5/10
Allen 4/8
Irving 12/19

Gobert 9/12
Ingles 10/14
Bojan 8/16
Donovan 8/19
Clarkson 6/13
Oneal 0/5

We made them work