JC 4yr/52 Million


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We need him in future years but this is an obvious overpay. We were bidding against nobody. This was the year to get a good deal and use our draft pick to address a need and so far we've done neither.


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I like Clarkson so I'm happy, and 13 million a year doesn't seem too bad. That said I'm pretty dumb about the financial side so I don't know if it's an overpay or not.


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I feel like it’s an overpay for his value, but in-line with market expectations. I think other comparable players, IMO, such as Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams were paid less respective money of their teams cap spaces but I can accept 13/year.


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So with max raises, about $11.6 next year.

Tight for the Jazz if they want to use the full MLE and stay under the LT. Still some work to do.


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A little bit higher than I wanted, little bit longer than I wanted. It happening immediately tells me we didn't have anything else in mind.

Not big on it overall, he/Don/Mike are not a good fitting trio of guards.