July 11th, Summer League Game 4: Jazz vs. Pacers 11 A.M. ET


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Christmas reminds me of the junkyard dog. Also, I'm liking this Roberts kid. I think he could be a good third option at the two.


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burke couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with a basket ball right now... could though a rock in the ocean, couldnt..... well i think you all know what i mean...


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We had the point in the bag for the 4th quarter win I guess. We weren't winning the game so don't give them the ball back to get the 4th quarter point.

//r00t 4 Jazz

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Think Brad Jones told McNeal to just dribble it out after he was hammered on his layup and they didn't call a foul. That or he was mad they didn't run the play he setup.


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Jazz are officially eliminated from the Summer league championship game :(

I thought Burke was a winner......