Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving taking their talents to Brooklyn


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This might have been mentioned in some other thread but I figure it's worth it's own. My reaction: yay!!


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This is seriously a dream scenario.

Keep Kawhi off the Lakers, and we’ve got ourselves a real championship window.


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He’s out for this entire year so the Nets will be a non-factor and he went to the East.
Boy, you haven't followed NBA ball this past year.

The Nets just signed D'Andre Jordan and Kyrie Irving. Add that to a team that was a playoff team that was getting better and better and you have a real tough out next season. I'd stick them as the number two team in the East...and that's if Kahwi stays in Toronto. He signs out west and the Nets become the favorite to take the East. Seriously, Sixers, Bucks are going to be better? Bucks already lost Brogdon, Sixers lost Reddick, may lose Butler and are a mess chemistry wise. If you had ever watched a Nets game last season you would see that they are an incredibly well balanced, deep team with a stellar head coach. KD gets there next next season and that team becomes thee team to beat for a championship.