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How dare he have different opinions than you.
Differing opinion? I don't care what his opinion is. My only point was simply that he liked a tweet making fun of Stockton for being anti-vaxx, and is liking a tweet defending Kyrie for being anti-vaxx. Gotta love how hypocritical and fake people are or how much that perspective changes once the world is attacking someone you like. Kyrie and Stockton can both do whatever they want for themselves. I'll be consistent. I could care less if Kyrie or Stockton are anti-vaxx. I'm not going to clown either of them for it, nor am I going to defend either of them for being anti-vaxx. They both have flawed perspectives on vaccines, but I'm not Donovan making fun of one and defending the other. Mr. Nice. The truth is Donovan has no actual standards. He follows the mob around at every whim and every time he's pressed or actually asked about something he never has an actual answer beyond Twitter talking points. But once that mob comes for someone you actually like, like Kyrie, he doesn't poke fun. Just at one of the most influential and responsible guys for making the franchise he plays for even exist. Btw anyone notice all the empty seats in the arena? Anyone notice how cheap tickets are? Anyone notice all the unsold seats for opening night? Turns out when your star player is a self absorbed diva who cries constantly and bends with the mob at every whim your team becomes far less popular. I hope they implode this season and we can get rid of the a******** when he inevitably asks for a trade sooner rather than later. His popularity has undoubtedly fallen off a cliff, and those tickets and shoes can sit on the shelf until he's gone.
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So why do you think indian food is so good in Utah? For instance, I'm from Lima (Peru) and both japanese and chinese food are amazing, and that's because both have used traditional techniques with peruvian ingredients and flavors (a country that enjoys access to the Pacific Ocean, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest...and the diversity that comes with it) The fusion is spectacular. On a side note, Peru, along with Brazil, has one of the largest japenese communities outside Japan in the world.
Honestly, I don't know. If I knew, I'd be making it more, because I can never even approximate the style. A lot of restaurants here taste different but there is a similar range in consistency. It may be the tomato sauce / cream balance, but also even the spice flavor. I've tried order fresh seeds and seasonings that I've ground myself and I still haven't been able to get it quite right. Some places use canned tomatoes and some use fresh. I've tried both varieties and still clueless. I wish I knew how to describe it. Perhaps anyone with a lot of Indian food sampling in Utah and out of Utah can chime in. I ate some really good Indian food in Rome.

//r00t 4 Jazz

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The tweet you screenshot appeared to be about Kyrie yes, who is not vaxxed yes but the tweet itself seems to show some good things Kyrie has done with his time and money showing that he can be unselfish.


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Was that sarcasm? Because most of Rand's work featured the "Great Person" notion of progress, individual action all the way.
Just playing off what he said and "The Virtue of Selfishness". Nothing deep.

If you want a deep discussion around Rand's philosophy you should start a thread.