Lorenzen Wright's body found

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Just saw this on ESPN, they didn't mention suicide however, I remember a lot of Jazzfanz members wanted to trade for him however. Anyway surprising and sad news to say the least


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Unconfirmed report that it is murder:

"Some possible grisly details are beginning to emerge in the investigation of the death of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright. Matt Stone, the sports director at the Fox affiliate in Memphis, Tweeted that preliminary reports have come into the station indicating that Wright had been shot at least a dozen times."

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Dang thats sad.

I was a huge card collecter when I was little. I specialized in Utah Jazz, Micheal Jordan, Antoine Walker, and Lorenzen Wright cards. And no, Im not kidding.

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I assumed it was murder when they said the body was found in the woods. At least I think that's where it was found.

RIP Lorenzon.
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That pics epic.

I remember Wright used to tear us up around 2002-2003 when he was with the Grizzlies. He was pretty good coming up in his younger years. R.I.P


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This is going to be a serious set back on his attempt to return to the NBA.
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In the original text yesterday. It was in numerous stories that I read and some of the links have been updated since, including that one.
Thank you, Sir.

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Bets that the ex-wife was in on it? Info says he was picking his 6 kids up to return to Atlanta and no one knows why he left.

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Archie: Please do not try to outdo me. You are grossly outmatched.
What the hell is that supposed to mean, dude? Outmatched cause you have internet buddies? Wow, props to you Mr. Outmatcher internet guy! Hats off and out of the way, here comes PPR and his posse.