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Game Thread May 31, 2021 07:30PM MT: Jazz at Grizzlies - Game 4

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Are you there?

This is a Rorshach sign. Visiting teams should be schooled to understand it refers to the Grizz. Our job is make it false advertising for the homies.

I've been there, on a hot summer day. My brother will be there for the game.

Few cities get so much Press in the blues.


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Do we have any Jazz fans going to the game in Memphis that can shine a light on their fans antics and poor behavior...? Or is that just for losing teams moral victories?

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So this would normally be the game where Donovan goes off for 35+ pts. and gives the Jazz a commanding lead in the series. Then Game 5 would be a balanced attack with Rudy and a 3-ball fest.