Mitchell injury


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As per the Athletic, it is an ankle sprain and the x-ray came back negative, which is a positive sign. They plan to do an MRI tonight to make sure there isn't any structural damage.

Bleacher report article.

I'm relieved that it's not worse, and am again reminded of how bad I felt for Murray and Nuggets fans.

A few of my concerns:

-I worry that missing games can hurt a player's momentum. Donovan is having a great season, and now he'll need to heal up, then get back into game shape, and the team around him will have to go through adjustments accordingly.

-I worry about losing games and losing the top seed, which is such a deserved accomplishment, and impacts playoff seeding.

-Most of all I worry about the extra mileage this is going to put on Mike Conley, who's already had the hamstring stuff this season which could easily flare up. And Ingles is going to carry a bigger load now, and with his age and history it seems like he really excels the most when his minutes are kept a bit lower. We want both of these guys fresh for the playoffs. In fact, it might be worth dealing with a few losses if it means some extended rest for them.
I agree with the last part. Don’t squeeze the main rotation pieces for more juice. Manage their season just as you otherwise would have—and then give the extra burden to Oni, Forrest, and maybe Hughes.


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I honestly think the guy who will get the minutes will be Brantley. The guy reminds me alot of Crowder.

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One of the great things about the Jazz and it’s moving parts is the ability and versatility to slide Joe or Royce or any number of guys to open the spot for whoever is performing in practice and really earning a few minutes.

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I hope he doesn't miss more than 4 or 5 looked bad. He couldn't put much pressure on it at all. Fingers crossed there isn't anything else going on. Bogie, Mike, and JC will have step up their roles.
Him not putting much pressure on it doesn’t bother me much. When you first hurt yourself the shock from the injury is bad and it seems worse at the time. Think about guys (that’s aren’t faking) flailing around on the ground and then get up and continue to play or only miss a short time and come back in. He’s definitely hurt and will miss some games, but the fact that he wasn’t putting weight on it does concern me too bad.