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Musk's Twitter starts banning journalists

Roger Stone and other insurrections have been allowed back into the platform while journalists covering Musk are being banned. I’m sure we’ll see outrage from Fox News and other RW pundits who have declared themselves to be “free speech absolutists.”

Free speech absolutist... not so much. No reasonable person is a free speech absolutist, not Musk now apparently. Musk is not a reasonable person but taking on the garbage pail that is twitter is teaching him a few things about the dangers of providing a platform for harmful communications.

Looks like Aaron posted an update:

UPDATE: It occurred to me just after I published this that I did post a tweet yesterday noting that the ElonJet account that was suspended from Twitter was still active on Facebook, with a link to the Facebook page. Perhaps that did it, but I still don’t know what policy that could’ve possibly violated.
This is related to the trading card story, but it’s Trump announcing his free speech policy, and seems appropriate here. The business about freedom to accuse anyone of disinformation or misinformation is interesting, since it seems that’s a no-no, and costly, and remindful of don’t contradict Big Brother, or the “preferred reality” bubble. Not that Trump 2 seems likely at the moment.

View: https://twitter.com/Frenchy415/status/1603546089881305089
ElonJet was tweeting publicly available information, in which is in compliance with Twitter's rules, even for real time locations.
Except it isn’t…


Just follow the rules. This is the second time you guys have brought this up. Thinking it’s some conspiracy to go after the left. It isn’t, just people not following the rules. It’s also a private company…do you still agree with this?

It should be stated that few if any of the journalists suspended yesterday were tweeting Musk’s location. They appear to have been suspended because they were critical of the “free speech absolutist” who owns twitter. Those tweeting his location were tweeting out publicly available information. If only there was some sort of term that could describe this action of canceling others whom Musk disagrees with. A type of culture that cancels unpopular opinions. Hmmm

I guess tweeting out Musk’s location is a greater threat than allowing those who incited Jan 6 to remain on Twitter. Cuz free speech and violating policies and safety and stuff.