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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Clippers know they
I'm not excited about the Lakers pick. If it's top-10 I will gladly eat crow but I have a feeling it's not going to be that good. I hope you're right about the Wolves sucking in a few seasons so we get some good picks. But in the short term we did them a favor.

I'm still thinking the Twolves' pick comes between 13 and 16 this year. Dallas and LAC can push them to the 8th seed.
Pacers played Sixers close in that fast paced high scoring game. I wonder if Minny gets a freebie tomorrow...
OKC playing hard at home with the crowd cheering would be hard for the coach to pul SGA out early..

Up 13 points with 8min left
OKC still up by 12..

GSW missing 3s..

Josh Giddey playing really well..

Don’t wanna jinxed it but it’s looking pretty good..
OKC finally win, ref not helping though blatantly helping GSW by overturning one of the most obvious foul ever.. smh..