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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Maybe. Finch certainly isn’t even showing signs of learning how to use him properly
Our entire offensive philosophy was built to space the floor around him and our defensive philosophy was designed to funnel everything to him at the rim. The Wolves were good last year because they played at the fastest pace in the league, shot a ton of 3s, and were able to space teams out with KAT at the 5. They're worse offensively and defensively this year with Rudy. I don't think it's just a system thing though, Rudy is going on 31 and bigs typically slow down around his current age. And for a guy like Rudy who's entire game is based on size/athleticism, even losing half a step is extremely noticeable. This is the first season since his rookie year that he's averaging under 2 blocks per game.
The entire system was built around his strengths when he was here. People didn't give Quin enough credit and really underestimated his impact on Rudy's success.

If you spend the capital you spent on Rudy, then throw him out there like he is Naz Reid, then you probably deserve to fail. Every successful team in the league is built around the strength of their stars. Well, except the Jazz, who will forget that Lauri is on the team for entire quarters. . .
Listening to the Wolves announcers... they are kinda over this team. Keep talking about not talking to the refs and talked about fines for missed box outs.