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Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

Warriors gave up 77 at half to the Ja-less Grizz. Goddamn road Warriors are something else.

Pacers have held a 7 point it feels all game, it would keep the door open if they can hold on
We need the Lakers, Warriors and Clippers to win games. Dallas too, but they're struggling right now. If the Lakers can get the 8th seed and play the T'woves as the 7th seed in the play-in, I like the Lakers' chances of winning that game and pushing the T'wolves to the 8th seed, at best. At that point, the T'wolves would need to beat either Dallas or New Orleans in order to secure a playoff spot, something that's not guaranteed. Hence, the T'wolves would finish as the 8th or 9th seed.

That would give the Jazz a pick in the 14-16 range.
Nba officiating and the reviews are so wildly inconsistent… wolves just won a review that is huge and they absolutely should have let the call stand. Would have been two free throws and was Mcdaniels 6th foul… brutal