Quotes from Celtics' forums-"Everytime I see Joe Ingles, it reminds me I need to catch up on The Walking Dead"


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Joe Ingles looks just like the IT guy where I work. Only difference is that the IT guy looks more basketball-y.

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Read these in Bill Simmons voice and it makes em better.
I was hoping his Wednesday pod would drop with a reaction to the game. Of course it dropped in the middle of it. Dude has not mentioned the Jazz a single time since the season started. Even when he was giving all possible contenders to the Lakers. Mavs, Suns, Warriors, etc. no Jazz.

I’m subscribed to The Ringer YouTube feed. Every single day there are multiple videos about random NBA topics. Zero about the Jazz. KOC had them #6 in power rankings. At this point it is just fascinating. Imagine if the Suns were 20-5 right now, they would have renamed the site after them.

There is clearly some agenda at this point. Purposeful or subconsciously. I wonder how long they can keep it up.


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Love this quote from Brad Stevens.

“You can’t make mistakes against these guys, they’re exceptionally well-oiled on offense. Just a special team to compete against, and when you make a mistake they make you pay.”