Quotes from Kings' forums-"An unstoppable force meeting a very movable object"


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Pre Game

Jazz -8.5 betting line

Everything in the world changes except for Kings fans calling for a second rounders to get on the court in the spring

Put all the second rounders in!

Bruh Conley and Mitchell are out? This might be close

No diversity in our starter’s jersey numbers. Two dudes with numbers under 10, three dudes with numbers in the 20-25 range smh. Truly my biggest gripe with this team

1st Half

Bojan just Zaza ruled Buddy

Honestly, I don't think Bogdanovic did that on purpose - it's a flagrant by rule, but I didn't think it was intentional or malicious.

Bojan Bogdanovic out here looking like Luka

Well, I think we've identified the guy who is going to be picking up the offensive slack for Mitchell/Conley.

If Walton is back next season, I'll have to take a break. His love of role players kills young players careers.

Well this got ugly right quick, on both sides of the floor.

Snyder might indeed have his role guys prepped and ready to make a run deep this year.

Quin Snyder looks like he came straight out of Winter's Bone.

Nice 12 points quarter bums

Worst home loss in franchise history is possible. Last time it happened was 2008 when it was 108-63. Celtics were tough team to beat under Pierce, Allen and Garnett era.

Kings getting an old fashioned beat down tonight

2nd quarter looks disgusting, what happened on that one? 46-17 wtf!

Kings fans deserve to have happiness one of these days... Sadly, today was not that day

Oh *******....and Haliburton with -42 wtf he do?

Why the frick did I buy kings league pass this year =(

Jazz are going to regret running up the score when we meet them in the playoffs in a few weeks

time for me to go into hiding

This team is awful. Like seriously, I didn't expect to win, but losing by this much is just ****ing embarrassing.

This should count for at least 2 or 3 losses

Damn, I recorded the game and didn’t look at my phone the whole time the game was going. Just finished watching...

I stopped watching halfway through the 1st went to look at the score and giggled like a 5 year old

What a ****ing ********.

Source: was at the game.

Got DAYUM! I actually WANT to lose but seeing that score still stings a bit. ************.....and without both Conley and Donovan Mitchell

Box score for Justin James looking pretty good tho (well i mean besides lacking steals, assists and, rebounds) - anyone watch this travesty and if so did he seem to be playing well?

Only 6 games out of the 10th seed

Anyone else sick of hearing “and one” yelled on almost every shot? I don’t care which team, it’s annoying lol

utah showing why they’re a contender. rooting for them to go deep in the playoffs so long as they blow us out

They check all my boxes of "not being from LA" and "don't have Chris Paul on their team", so I'm on board

We are getting ****ing destroyed lol.

Gobert is just so large LOL

lol this 2nd quarter is like a college team vs the Jazz

The end of this season cant come soon enough. Probably the most miserable i've been watching this team in the last 6-7 years.

Yep at least in some of those years the team was interesting even when bad, this is just a dumpster fire

**** why do I even like this team

Just tuned in I think I'll tune right back out


Feel bad for the fans who paid to watch this Jazz practice

They get to watch history as the jazz shatter 3 point records without 2 of their top 3 players.

Hali always goes for those prayer shots at the end of quarters and they never go in. The one time he hits it it gets waved off.

tf happened that quarter

You think Kings players lie about which team they are on when DMing instagram models? I would

Ah yeah we gettin SMACKED tonight

Unpropitious should be the motto of this franchise

Been a great first game to go to in a year, just great!

"It's just surprising that Sacramento keeps backing off of Georges Niang"

Not if you're a Sacramento fan

Our perimeter defense is simply "hope and pray they miss".

Guys i’m starting to think we might lose this one

2nd Half

only 2 more quarters of abuse to go

2,743 3pt fg made by Utah THEN we go to a zone.
Get Walton outta here.

The good thing for Sac in the second half is Halliburton sees the floor really well so we totally can make up the 50 point deficit.

How do we get so bad in 48 hrs?
I mean it how can we beat a good team, then be doubled-up (score-wise)?
How many points do we need to lose by to get Walton out of here? 40? 50?

Down 42, subs Holmes back in. Luke is probably the most worthless coach I've seen. I mean, a fail so amazing it's hard to believe at this point.

Have we ever been down 50? Am I about to witness history?

53, huh. That’s impressive, Luke.

This is the only time we've given up 150+ points this millennium.

Jazz could feasibly hit 150 and we may not break 100 lmfao

Hey I just turned the game on, how we doin!?

C'mon guys, let's get this down to under 40 with 6 min to go and things could get very interesting.

I legit think the Jazz are trying to hit 150. They’re playing an almost 50 point game like it’s close

Fox at home watching this game and fighting demons rn

I’m sorry, I just tuned in, are we down by 50?

Not even attempting to defend at this point. Impressive.

Lol Luke calls a timeout.. "OK guys, I got nothin!"

You know we’re down bad when Matt Thomas drops 8 on us in 4 min

Edit - 17 in 7 min

If the Jazz kept their starters in 200 could’ve been a real possibility

Post Game

mark jones calling this "one of those games where things just don't go your way"

lol. that's just precious.

Jazz true shooting percentage tonight was a record 80.75%. Previously held by the Nets since 2017, when they shot 78.8% against the Kings

Only one Kings player had PLUS +/-. Kings Player of the Game, Ja Ramsey +3,,, All-Star list tonight: Haliburton -42; Wright -38; Davis -35; Harkness -34; Holmes -31

Most points scored by a team this season. Fitting that it was scored on the worst defense in the history of the NBA.

I'm not mad at all. Was laughing my arse off the entire second half! Even the announcers could barely contain themselves with not so subtle jokes watching laughing stock display by Walton's Kings.

Utah began the second quarter on a 23-2 run. The Jazz put up 46 points in the period, outscoring the Kings by 29 to go up by 32. And they never let up, maintaining at least a 30-point lead for the remainder of the night. The final score was 154-105.

The stats from this game were eye-popping. 154 is the most points the Jazz have ever scored in a game. It is also the second-most points the Kings have ever conceded.

Utah made 22 threes compared to six for Sacramento. The Jazz outrebounded the Kings 48-29. They shot 64 percent from the field, 60 percent from three, and 95 percent at the foul line. Whatever they wanted to do on offense, they were able to.

About the only thing Sacramento did well was take care of the ball, but to what point and purpose. This was a lousy effort. Good riddance.

154 points, in regulation no less. Trail by 54, lose by 49. Eight players in double figures. I didn't think the Kings could actually get worse than they had been, but never underestimate the coaching genius of Bill Walton's boy.

Does the kings practice facility have 9’ rims and a three point line 4’ closer than the regulations at the arena? Cause it seems like it.

This game was over after the 3rd minute of the 2nd quarter.

154 points were scored on us in our home stadium and you wanna post some highlight video of a dunk? There was absolutely nothing to highlight from tonight, get rid of Luke Walton already. For the sake of Sacramento and it’s loyal community. We don’t claim him and his garbage tactics.

JFC!!!!!!!! This game tonight!

The Kings lost by 49 points at home to the Jazz.

The biggest home loss in franchise history.

Really felt they had a run in them in the 4th

Fake news!

An unstoppable force meeting a very movable object. Tale as old as time

craziest of all , no one scored more than 25 for the Jazz. Also Mitchell and Conley out.

Holy **** what a murder

I'm sorry, 154?

154 in regulation, what the ****?

Nice I had kings +49.5

Good job by the Utah defense to hold the Kings to below their season average in scoring. Tough, gritty, defensive win.

The jazz shot 64/58.5/95.2 as a team. What the heck????? And put up 154. And blew out the Kings by nearly 50. And without Don.

Scoring 105 and losing by almost 50 points sounds impossible.

Georges Niang is my favorite Star Wars character!


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Jazz are going to regret running up the score when we meet them in the playoffs in a few weeks
I legit hope they are wrong.


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I’m sorry, I just tuned in, are we down by 50?