Quotes from the Bucks' forums-"It would be cool if they would, you know, f***ing miss"


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Conley has been insane while Mitchell is doing everything in his power to sabotage the team. Bucks seem like a bad matchup for the Jazz, we can lock down both Mitchell and Conley and all of the sudden they have no offense. Brook can just sit in the paint with Gobert and then stand at the 3 on offense. Also, Bucks haven't traveled at all for the last 3 games

Feeling a convincing Bucks win here

This does feel like a game Utah wins. They've been struggling and we've been getting fat on Detroit so Utah will shoot the lights out. Hope I'm wrong.

-6 for the bucks. Easy money.

Jingles questionable- good for the Bucks, bad for basketball/humanity.

Donovan Mitchell has been really really off so far. Hoping tonight isn’t the night he finds it

Some of their threes have been contested, but a good coach picks apart Buds scheme way too easily. Screen, if the guy goes over, waltz to the free throw line, choose between an open free throw or Brook closes out and they kick it out for a wide open three.

We smokin Utah

Finally playing a good team again. Excited.

gobert in shambles. scared to get triple blocked when we run brooke, giannis, and bobby for the forest lineup.

Jazz games are always so painful

Donovan Mitchell is a chucker and that’s it.

Over under on 6 ONeale 3s tonight?

Giannis is trying to beat them himself! LOL

Gobert should eat against this lineup.

Giannis changing speeds like that is perfect evidence his game growing

Listen they made 8 3s already we made none and the score is even.
We are fine.

They aren’t gonna keep this shooting up. Fun one so far

Jazz are shooting 54/53/50

Brook has been a pretty good shooter since the bubble

Jazz are more open from 3 than the Great Plains.

Joe Ingles with the top buttons done up on a polo shirt like some guy from Utah.

14 made threes in the first half for Utah. Most of them have been wide open.

Why are the jazz always such a tough team to play?

Cuz they are good and have a very good coach who actually makes adjustments game to game

I'm sorry and I know he's a great coach...but Quinn Snyder is one skeezy-*** looking mfer.

American Psycho vibes

Yup, that and the creepy pastor vibes...like it wouldn't be surprising at all to find out he's boning an office admin and the janitor too


Oh dude totes - again, I think he's a great coach, just creepy af tho lmao

I would love it if every team wouldn't ****ing tackle our best player

I hate the Bucks defense. So... many... 3s

I mean..Jazz gonna cool down.



There is nothing more infuriating than watching a team never miss from three. I'd rather just give up 20 dunks a game

Jordan Clarkson is a certified Buck killer

Imagine all the threes if the Bucks played the Bucks

Utah kinda feels like a mirror-image of the Bucks

I want to say this shooting can't last, but I think we all know that's not true.

This gonna be one of those nights where our opponent shoots an ungodly percentage from 3 on a high volume?

Jordan Clarkson must have the most fun job in the NBA. Come off the bench and just shoot

I think if we ever defended the 3, they could miss a 3.

The Jazz got some killers sheesh

I can't remember if they've scored in the paint yet lol

I don't even know why I hate the Jazz, but I definitely do

No Joe Ingles?

Does this game even count?

The Jazz average 14 made 3’s a game. They are halfway there after 6 mins.

Giannis looking like he is the entire team so far

Giannis must hate jazz music.

Rudy is blocking everything.

Loving this game already, we need competitive games like this

Did Thanasis really just try jump kicking the ball out of Clarkson's hands??

Crazy that they have 24 of their 26 points from 3

I think Thanasis commits 3 fouls on every play

The Bucks and giving a franchise record 3s, name a better duo

our rebounding has been garbage

The scouting report on the Bucks is to test their perimeter defense. Literally every team will try to shoot like hell from 3, even if they're not technically a good shooting team. The Jazz are however, and they're executing their game plan at a very high level right now

Also, Giannis is amazing

Jazz are 51% from 3pt land and took 7 more 3 pointers. This pack the paint wont work because Jazz seems to have players who can drive and kick well.

Looked like a hard fall on his hip. Hope it’s just a bruise

This is honestly an amazing game

The bench has 6... unbelievable

Jordan Clarkson, why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time the Bucks try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

Clarkson is absolutely exposing the drop scheme. This is a type of game you lose when your coach doesn’t make adjustments

Another "(insert NBA team) has broken their franchise record in 3s made"

That 3 made the half end so much better!!

Took 6 minutes to score 2 points this quarter.

What’s concerning is our big 3 had good games — and we’re getting crushed.

we should trade for jordan clarkson so we never have to play him again

I tried. I tried to talk to Jordan Clarkson and be his friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail.

It would be cool if they would, you know, ****ing miss.

I just wanna know what is the point of defending Donovan Mitchell with DJ Augustin????

Why does our Center have the most 3PA on the team???

I swear to God: this was the worse perimeter defense I’ve ever seen in a basketball game. This was pathetic. Why can’t Bud realize that this defense is awful against teams like the Jazz?

How does 5’10 DJ Augustin make 7’10 Gobert fall

Okay we reeeeeaaally need to work on our defensive rebounding

Man we really let clarkson score 20 in the first half

God, Mitchell is good

Ugh, can the Jazz miss please

The bench has 6 points lmao

Utah is such an annoying team to play, especially when they aren't missing from 3

Hey guys, I just got back from cutting my hip out of my body for Giannis, did I miss anything

I am losing my ****ing mind with these threes

2 - 0 run

Bench is straight ***

any game where you have 6 bench points over 3 and a half quarters probably isn't going to go your way tbh

Feel like Utah have picked on every single weakness we have defensively. Straight up embarrassing us.

Did everyone hit the crack pipe after the third quarter?

Michael Jordan patterned his game after Jordan Clarkson

So during his math class today my 6 year old son turned to grandma and said, “Some of these kids are not very smart”. What a dick, and I love it.

Nice ball movement from Utah vs crap hero ball from us. Painful to watch. It’s as if a school kid coaches this team.

Jazz bench leads 30-4 against our bench....

We might be losing but man this game is so exciting to watch compared to the last 3. Feels good playing a ****ing good team

The defense is just horrific

Middleton looks like a different animal this year, he’s quicker and his driving has improved a ton

104 points in 3 quarters. Bucks defense lol

When I saw that Mitchell was having a bad shooting year I knew he was going to go off on us.

So predictable.

And just like that it was a 20 point game lol

Bit disappointing we couldn’t make a run in the fourth but oh well. Onto the next. Jazz shot too well.

How has Jordan Clarkson not won an MVP yet, or at least a scoring title?

One pass. Brick a three. Repeat.

I hate watching us lose games like this. This team plays below it's talent and it's so clear. People can disagree but I want to see us with a new coach because I just don't have any faith in Bud at this point.

I like Donovan Mitchell. Always liked his game, but thought it was awesome he re-signed in Utah.

His game is awesome and he’s really likable

We’re losing because I have Clarkson on my fantasy team sorry everyone

I just woke up from a coma. Basketball is where you let your opponent shoot 3's and if they make more than you, your team wins, right?

Giannis looks winded man, if there is any chance that's a lasting injury, take him out the game, it's the regular season.

Jazz honestly playing like a championship contending team, gotta hand it to em and it's pretty great to see us keeping pace. Just wish our bench was showing up a bit more.

Why do the Jazz have Edgar Allen Poe as their coach

Most entertaining game so far?

Jordan Clarkson, you’re 6’4” and you weigh 194 pounds. Gumby has a better body than you.

He is destroying us lol

Utah, Boston and Dallas all have excellent coaches. Not a surprise they know how to attack our predictable scheme

I would be happy with Quinn Snyder as coach

Utah shot 53 3's and hit 47% of them. 5 of there players shot 40% or better on at least 8 attempts. Correct me if I'm wrong but I saw no changes on defense. This ****'s gonna kill us in the postseason.

They were hot from the paint too. As soon as bud guarded the three, they were open in the paint. They just couldn't miss.

Making adjustments when a team gets hot from the three – put three help defenders in the paint

Imagine every team we play they break their franchise record for most 3s made, coincidence i think not , it hurts to watch when we have dpoy and one of the best defensive guards on the league and we still r losing due to bad defense i hope they fire him before its to late

Yea the Jazz shot extremely well but I can't recall too many times a team has just completely worked over our weaknesses like that.
We were made to look like a poorly coached, really dumb basketball team.

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Best Quin comments ever from an opposing team?...

I'm sorry and I know he's a great coach...but Quinn Snyder is one skeezy-*** looking mfer.

American Psycho vibes

Yup, that and the creepy pastor vibes...like it wouldn't be surprising at all to find out he's boning an office admin and the janitor too

I was going to bed when I read this and I laughed loud enough to wake up my wife. Ooops.


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"Jordan Clarkson, why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time the Bucks try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."

Heh. . .


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The comments about clarkson were great. I remember feeling that way about clarkson. I'm glad he's here. Great addition to the team, maybe the best 6th man we've ever had.


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I've been lurking jazzfanz for years now. I finally signed up. I guess it's time to post something. This is the first thread I come to every morning after a W. Thanks JazzAvenues. I've always felt there were similarities between the bucks and jazz. Their comments make me like them even more. Great fanbase.
Welcome aboard! These threads are certainly among the best part of Jazzfanz.