Quotes from the Rockets' forums-"depression activated. all systems go"

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    Must. Beat. The. Jazz.

    Not the best time to play the J!zz. Deeper on the bench now.


    Good thing they are 3-6 at home.
    9-7 on the road.

    The Rockets are generally healthy. The Rockets have had 2 days rest.
    If this Rockets team is as good as they think it is. This is the game to win to start a winning streak. No more excuses.

    This team is like the old rockets ... always playing down to their competition
    So I would guess this is a win since the jazz are actually decent

    This is almost a must win..

    Utah just destroyed the Spurs and their bench played a big role. Our bench is garbage.
    2nd straight road game against a team we eliminated in the playoffs last year. They will be amped.
    I have a pretty good guess how this game is going to turn out.

    Just checking in to see who the Houston Knicks will get bodied by next. Looks like its the Jazz's turn. Always fun losing to the Jazz.

    Looking forward to the Rockets lying down and taking a nice Jazz romping.

    Debating on which half I should watch?
    The boring half or the meltdown half?

    Call me a fake fan or whatever, but I'm considering intentionally not watching a game for the first time in about 6 years. I let these outcomes affect my mood way too much, even though I know it's illogical and silly in the big scheme of things. Feel like I need a break for my personal sanity, as lame as that sounds.

    National TV game...we destroy the Jazz just like we destroyed the Spurs.

    I’m going to do something I would have never ever considered doing the past few years. I’m going to voluntarily miss the rockets game and just go to bed early.
    Sort of hedging my emotions. I can wake up to good news or glad I didn’t stay up and get depressed.

    just found out this is on tnt. cant wait for the shame

    A foul in the first second!! LOL

    that's some aggressive officiating. Adam Silver must be proud

    lol gobert ejected

    What? lmao
    Crowd is gonna be livid. Refs will screw us later int he game.

    Let’s be honest, that’s a ****** way to call. What the heck happened.

    The Stifle Shower...

    Wow, Gobert tossed?
    Kind of amazing.

    If I had to predict, the rockets now think they have an easy game and go into their cruise mode and lose

    best thing about the NBA is watching the refs call fouls

    I’m absolutely on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting the next whistle, white-knuckle ride!

    this is awesome. I love fouls

    This game is gon be lit

    Ingles is sneaky Laimbeer like guy

    I’m a Capela fan (although I think He can be a lot better if he played with force instead of tryin to be Justin Bieber) but How the heck can u be 2-10 at the rim?

    Jazz fans are the cryingest bitches in the NBA.

    We need to drive towards the basket... teams just drive at us and get positive results

    We played hard and stupid at the same time.

    this game is interesting as watching nose strips removing blackheads on youtube.

    I knew the Rockets were going to lose this game. That was obvious. The Gobert ejection secured that, though. I knew this garbage team would fold.
    Turning this off. Better ways to spend time than watch this garbage.

    Hey, Capela, if you are going to go up, can you make it? I appreciate the hustle, but you’re 2-10.

    **** the Jazz
    And all their ****tard fans.

    cant even score withou gobert there.....

    Jazz have old farts out there kicking our ***, guys better come out to show they have some fire left, cause if that's the energy they can/want to put into games this season we better give it up and tank.

    so, we decided to blow the game early I see.

    Damn..what a shot by DMITCHELL

    The Gobert ejection actually hurt the Rockets. Made us give less effort and energized the Jazz.

    Keep standing at one spot while
    Harden and Paul run circles, then shoot a contested 3.

    now this dude named UDOH, a Japanese noodle is scoring on us!!!??? WTF is going on. WE the SUNS??

    Another airball by CP3.

    Getting destroyed by a team without its best player <<<<<

    This 3 chucking offense is just pathetic.

    I don’t know how many times we’re going to get scored on off a flash through the middle of the lane before we actually make an adjustment.

    Another thing with Gobert getting ejected: there is no one to switch off and take advantage in ISO. Gobert is really not that great a center IMO. I like it better when the Rockets play against him. Udoh is dominating all the ISO's..smh..

    Why are we either ALL offense and no defense, OR cannot make a shot with okay defense?
    We either score 120 and lose, or allow 99 and lose lol. Our consistency of inconsistency is mind-boggling.

    I hate Ingles but that honestly looked clean.

    Is it me or are the refs against us? I don't even know what's a foul anymore. How do you play defense?

    Chris Paul looks like he has aged by 2-3 years over the off-season.
    He cant even beat a big man off the dribble now. No lift on his shot.
    That contract is going to be an anchor.
    And all these other scrubs on the team.....jeez.

    How long are we going to keep laying down and playing slow as crap basketball?
    We don't have movement we don't have any pressure on defense.
    CP3 is looking older every day, Harden is looking lazier - just no fight on this team.
    Like, hey, we are getting paid, who cares???
    Play with PASSION....

    I don't even know what to say...
    Harden and Paul can't get to the basket, they try to attack, once in the paint they walk out again -> forced shot.
    Meanwhile Jazz scrubs penetrate and our defense collapse every single time -> open 3

    I thought we waived House to make a Trade Friday!?!? We need something amirite? House is playing like 48 minutes tonight. I’m so confused.

    Rockets might have to take a look at Jimmer. We need someone to make a shot at the right time!

    HARDEN with the ole REACH AROUND ROO and parted the Red sea for a wide open layup by some G LEague player name d ROYCE RICE or something

    I'm officially convinced that Ariza and Mbah a Moute were the keys to last years team. I am totally convinced. This season is all the evidence I need. Rockets are embarrassing without them, 65 win team with them.

    Wish we had a guy like Ingles

    Mthrfkn MVP ingles

    Chris Paul fell on the ground...knowing him, he'll be out a week.

    Can we move the franchise somewhere else and start over?

    Rockets have been so terrible that I almost didn't notice how terrible James Harden has been.

    Harden with the power outage. That 3 was short as ****!

    Harden must have found the only strip club within 300 miles of SLC.

    We should not switch onto Rubio .... he's not going to pull up from deep
    However , favors is going to rebound over Gordon every ****ing time .

    They are definitely make up for GoBert being out
    I think one official did not know the story . . . .and ejected GoBert
    now the other two are making up for it

    But the point remains...what in God's name happened to this team? How did we fall so drastically far. It can't just be injuries here and there.

    replacing referees with actual robots will be the best thing to ever happen in sports

    ISO iso iso. Houston ISOs

    Time to rebuild. This Harden era has been the worst in my 15 years of watching basketball. Give me Franchise and Cat, Tmac, Lowry, but not this ****... heartless, no hustle, lazy *** team

    is it just me, or did Gobert look like an uncoordinated dork, slapping those bottles.

    Down 8 after this horrible 1st half is almost a dream...what a time to be alive...

    Why would you ever even care much less go for a Rubio pump fake.

    9-0 run to start the 2nd half good to see the Rockets made adjustments.

    Please for the love of god the media has got to STOP mentioning Ryan ****ing Anderson as a reason why we’re struggling

    Wow, Ingles is a super athletic all star??

    No ball movement whatsoever.
    Bad offense
    Bad shooting
    Bad defense
    No FTs
    No adjustments
    I dont understand how this is a team of professional basketball players.

    This is a waking nightmare.

    Midgets trying to get a ****ing rebound

    **** the rockets!! I’ve been a fan for the longest time and I’m done with this team

    Do you think they get fined for making passes on offense?

    It's extremely hard to care about this team when the team doesn't appear to care themselves. They desperately need a heart transplant.

    Ingles ,Australian rules American.

    I just wanna slap harden in the head and Capela. Everyone actually wake them up or something. This isn’t just about the depth of our bench is internal problems no chemistry whatsoever. That’s why Ariza was so important, Not because he was great but the glue guy here and would keep Harden accountable

    This is the saddest game of the season.

    Every game is getting sadder and sadder

    I swear Quin Snyder is the epitome of the look of a guy that shows up at work Monday morning still reeling from a weekend bender of blow and hookers

    I cant believe we have 17 TOs and it's the 3rd Q.

    how are they struggling so much to score inside without gobert ? most teams would be destroying them.

    Haha 54 points and 3rd quarter is almost over. Cp3 is our downfall for years to come.

    Again? This is the third "Rock Bottom" of the season.. Are we playing ball in a quarry?

    **** me. To the Jazz? This is BS

    30 run rule

    Imagine paying luxury tax for this pile of **** lol...

    This is one of the most depressing Rockets games I have ever watched.

    How many scoreless over four minutes droughts can you have?

    Embarrassing. Pathetic. Gutless .
    36-9 curbstomping by the Utah Jazz? THE MOTHER****IN UTAH JAZZ?

    I got to say it’s weird watching a team that cuts and swings the ball and pushes the tempo. Reminds me of the Rockets from last year.

    I love how we walk the ball up the court down 30.

    I'm so disappointed I'm not even mad. I think I'm in shock. I think I have accepted the Rockets aren't going anywhere this year and I won't be watching anymore basketball for the rest of the season.

    Oh crap. Totally forgot they had Grayson Allen. Wonder why he's buried so deep on the bench.

    Say all u want but harden is -27 on the floor, the worst on the team. I get it he isn’t the problem but he’s a BIG part of it.then again so is basically everything else

    Nothing worst than getting embarrassed on national TV. Entire national media and all the casuals will point and laugh at us for the rest of the year.

    On the bright side, we're killing Gobert's +/-.

    My favorite part of the fourth is how two Jazz are standing under the rim with no one guarding them for layups every other possession.

    Donovan Mitchell has 6 pts tonight. Gobert got thrown out of the game after 3 min and we lose by over twenty pts?
    Pathetic. Just no other words.

    I think Rockets win with Gobert playing.. He is not good against the Rockets. Harden and CP3 would destroy him on ISO's no way Snyder would go to Favors and Udoh if he is still able to play. Udoh and Favors completely destroyed our one note offense.

    Hope all those **** fans get home safe to their mobile homes

    Nene looks ready for uncle Drew out there. I saw him playing defense with his back a couple times.

    Best thing about Rockets being trash: There are no games on the DVR taking up my space for backlogged episodes of Doctor Who, Walking Dead and Ducktales.

    “Gobert was called for a foul on the opening tip despite the Rockets getting possession. His second foul came when Houston's James Hardenflopped while Gobert was fighting for post position.“
    So ESPN is going to editorial fact based reporting?

    At this point Rockets will fall to anyone, even a group of boys by Lamar street

    Very, very, VERY disappointing

    BLAME MELO... oh wait

    Should have probably taken that Butler trade


    You can fire Dantoni but that 4 year $160mil contract for ya boi is there for a long time

    When others are making progress, you are making regress.

    Pitiful showing. Representative of the season so far.

    Even without Gobert

    Morey says he wants to be slammed for the failures...good. He is absolutely correct—this is his fault. He put this terrible team together. They plug in all these news guys to further exacerbate the lack of chemistry. James Harden...probably the worst MVP ever. He is NOT a leader. He averages SIX turnovers a game! Morey needs to recognize a small trade, tweak isn’t correcting the issues. If a championship is still the goal then he must move One of his three pieces of Harden, Capella or Paul.

    Chris is a 160 million waste . That is all

    I thought Caermelo was the problem. Paul done got his money and is coasting trying to ease on out to another team. Harden,the cancer, Is turning malignant, and this team is dying a slow death.Oh Well! like the band on the Titanic. Keep chunking threes boys.

    Got blown out by Wolves and Jazz in two consecutive games.
    Two teams that were swept in RS and soundly beaten in the playoffs by the Rockets.
    Rockets fans, it’s time to lower the expectation given the current roster.
    CP3’s contact is so abysmal. Time for DM to do something and I agree with KPL, DM totally failed in the summer.

    I'll never utter the words "rock bottom" again.

    Words can't describe how much of a sad i am right now....but I am a very very very sad

    Harden, Capela, and CP3 combined for 37 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists, and 15 turnovers, shooting 14-for-40 from the field and 2-of-10 from three (Beard/CP)

    11 assists as a team. No one is driving, no one is passing, barely anyone defending. The narrative of tonight was no effort. James harden and cp3 are very much capable of getting 11 ****ing assists are their own? What are they waiting for? I can literally almost see the exact moment where they decide "**** we cant come back now, **** it" when the opponents team goes nuts after a 3 up 10. The commentators have even consistently been ******** on us

    depression activated. all systems go
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    Udoh would probably score higher on the SATs right now than all of ClutchFans combined.
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    "The Stifle Shower..."

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    "Harden must have found the only strip club within 300 miles of SLC."
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    "I swear Quin Snyder is the epitome of the look of a guy that shows up at work Monday morning still reeling from a weekend bender of blow and hookers"
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    Ok these threads are the best thing in sports news.

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    udoh japanese noodle. lmao

    even rocket fans know those ****** calls last night. what a disgrace

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    Holy mother of God! Bathe me, O' tsunami of cleansing tears. For I have schadenfreuded to completion.

    And that's Mr. D. Royce Rice to you Houstonite ********.
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    It’s actually kind of impressive how the rockets and their fans show themselves to be bigger pieces of **** every time we play them. There has to be a max level of **** right?
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    ok Their fans have convinced me DL needs to trade with phoenix for Ariza.
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    Gold right there.

    I enjoyed this pity party.
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    These four cracked me up, especially when taken as a unit:

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    I’ve been saying this since they let them go, and at least on JFC I sure as **** know I wasn’t alone. Amazed that there was 0 national discussion of this and it appears people are still clueless.
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    Love how some people talked about the refs being against the rockets....not as bad as normal...but c'mon...everyone knows Harden flops, don't act like the refs are against you
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    "Hope all those **** fans get home safe to their mobile homes"

    This has to be the dumbest comment an opposing fan has ever stated. No doubt this guy is sitting in his mom's Houston basement with tears in his eyes.
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    Not as gratifying as the win, but still gratifying.

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