Reggie Miller on Enes Kanter

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by Dumb Bloke, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Lol @ my butthurtedness. It's so out of control. Butthurt rules everything around me.
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    Feb 12, 2015
    Ah, now it makes sense. Sorry, but if you start your sentence with Kanter as the subject (in linguistic view) and then when you start the next sentences with "he", then it refers to Kanter linguistically. I take back the "butthurt" part then, I misunderstood you, sorry.

    I understand your view and it is also true but not the entire story. But what you say is unfair, now.
    For example when Kanter gets double teamed and he doesn't pass, oh my god people here are referring to that for ages and bash him till the end.
    Whereas Westbrook dives in between 3-5 people everytime, like 10 times more than Kanter, and he forces a bad shot, then people say "ah, it is Wesbrook, he is allowed to do it". Of course all superstars are more free but if you criticize something heavily on one player, but then not when it is another player, it shows that you just wanted to bash the one player.
    So, applying double standards are not fair (to some extent it is, because one is a superstar, but it is not an open ticket).
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    Brown gettin runny, dia diarrhea ya'll
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    Apr 29, 2012
    I am not saying it is unfair to be frustrated about the decision-making of certain players. Nor am I saying that a superstar like Westbrook gets a pass. I'm simply saying that someone can't just expect Westbrook to change into John Stockton all of a sudden. That just doesn't happen. You can't cite his ability to draw attention as a why someone like Enes or McGary could get many more points, and then say it's because Westbrook never passes. He's never been the guy that does that. If Westbrook drew no attention those guys wouldn't even have the chance of scoring easier buckets from his passes in the first place. That's all I'm saying. Can't have one without the other.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Why is this in Utah Jazz section?
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    How was Kanter's last game?

    I see Westbrook still got his triple-double, even without the Kant-go Man.
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    Yeap. Still wanna kick your ***.

    I don't know which poster's alt you are, but tell me, why would I wanna *** kiss people in here? Do you consider everyone else you see on these forums like yourself who does nothing but sit behind the keyboard and bug people off? All I and people like me are here for is we talk about Jazz and non-Jazz related pretty much anything else and enjoy each other's company. If you are feeling lonely and can't take people getting along well with each other, then I'm sorry that I cannot reach out to where you are physically so that my boot could share the loneliness of your sorry ***. I don't give a **** about whatever anyone thinks about me, likes me or not, I just love some certain people's interaction here and enjoy it. If you don't think being Turkish and taking part in an American forum could be just what it is but instead it is asskissing, then I recommend your sociopath *** to start talking to the nearest girl instead of taking pictures of her secretly with the phone your parents bought you and pleasing yourself with it. I would love to be there for you and show how real world feels like with the way you understand so that you won't consider posting in here such a big deal and blame people of finding it worthy of *** kissing. I still would love to get back to you for the insults you have given me, since I despise any kind of *** kissing I witness let alone me doing it my whole life, but here we are trying to interact with people while getting those kinds of **** from no-life people like you sitting secure behind their keyboards, selling **** to people that they would never dare to in real life. This is internet. Nothing we can do to the likes of you. Nothing that is worth the trouble at least. Maybe you are not that far away and one day I figure out who you are and we shall memorize these good moments together. Until every ****ing word. Never say never.

    You obviously didn't watch the game, I'd say, but knowing how much of a no-life piece of **** son of a bitch troll you are, you probably wouldn't see it even if you did. Anyone who watched the game would see that none of the 4 other teammates on the court -since Ibaka is off with his shot- were the better options and Russ was the good option to shoot it in most of the positions he missed. If you are him, you have to shoot it when the chance is there. And most of those positions were not too forced. Especially considering how much he forces on occasion. He was free of picks set for him and shot the ball but didn't fell. If he went for 50-55, no one would give a crap about his number of attempted field goals but he missed. That is basketball in real life you see. You shoot the ball and sometimes it doesn't fall. You should try hitting the court to feel how to shoot sometimes. You would lose some weight too. If you're not being picked on by ballers in there for being fat or shy that is.
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    ^ ok, well that was a rant!
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    add wins our Psychopath of the Month Award.
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    Nov 4, 2010
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    we got some restless natives up in here tbh
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    We've got Rudy. Kanter didn't want to be here and he played like it. So pardon my French, but Kanter can go **** himself.
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    Jul 7, 2010
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    Worst tv guy in the NBA is Reggie Miller.

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    Best me to it. A staple of the triangle is having a good passing C

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