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Reverse Pet Peeves

Making excuses for perving on my daughter. LOL.

I think there's going to be some sorority pool parties at my house, you want me to invite you over?
Well there is the important question that never got asked: is she hot? ;)

I don't know why but that winky face in that context feels creepier. :oops:
I'm good I had to go up there for work.

It was all innocent fun. Wasn't like I slowed down and ogled anyone. It was just sort of a surprise that there were 100 something women lining the street, obviously dressed up a bit.
Yeah it's not like I, you know, got up on my roof where I had a clear view of the running route for the women's cross country team and sat there with a telephoto lens and a separate camera for stills and video. No, would never do that, that's creepy AF. Yeah, it's not like that, amirite?