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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

Jokic is the best player in the league. I put them at the beggining of the season number one for the tittle this year. Let's see.
well rudy never stopped Jokic even when he with the jazz. you can add Embiid too.
And AD. Gobert always struggled against the highest-caliber centers in the league. Pretty much feasted on everyone else, but those guys gave him fits. Of course, that is their thing, they give everyone fits. Show me one player that can single-handedly shut down Embiid, or Jokic or AD.
I like the Cavs a lot and don’t mind watching Mitchell balling for another team near as much as I thought (still hurts at times though). I’m really excited to watch that Garland, Mitchell, Mobley combo in the playoffs. And to see how it differs from those Jazz playoff teams..
Really interesting take on the best season ever played by an NBA player. Jokic racking up unbelievable seasons. Worth a watch.