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The R.I.P. Thread


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A thread for those media, political, scientific, and sports figures who have passed away. Not the really big ones who will get their own threads, maybe, but the smaller names who impacted us nonetheless.

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The ones that gave my heart a ping:

Lari White (country singer)
John Mahoney (actor)
David Ogden Stiers (actor)
Margot Kidder (actor)
Burt Reynolds (actor)
Stan Lee (genius)
William Goldman (author/screenwriter)
Penny Marshall (actor)
Roy Clark (actor/singer)
Good list.

I would add

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One of my favorite actors. He died like 5 years ago, though. Says the F word better than anyone (and more frequently). Everyone always talks about Samuel L. Jackson, but Dennis Farina does it better.


Snatch and Get Shorty were his best.